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Bug: Double KO on Raid bosses?

This happened today on 3rd round, 3rd turn

We(first of 4 persons) killed the bird first (1st person) and then toura was supposed to heal as the last 4th person, since Stigidarix had left some bleeding on us from previous turn thats the only explanation why it’d had killed us, but that shouldn’t have happened since Touramoloch was the last person in the turn and we were all alive when we had killed Stigidarix already. But looks like his healing never happened and we simply ended Dead!.

We won because we killed him first, but we died absurdly because of some flaw in the logic, if the turns keep going Toura was supposed to heal and noone should have died.

I know that in Mortem Rex when we are about to die and we leave the DoT on him, he wins! So this is very weird.

Can you fix this flawed logic?