[Bug] + [Feedback]. Game freezes after forced reboot


In the recent update on iPhone: whenever it looses connection it demands to be reset (because the game was updated recently) via in-game means.
I often lose connection bringing up the bottom swipe menu…
I get back to the game and it requires a reboot. Once done the game soft-freezes after it loads to the map.

No In-game buttons work
No spawns can be tapped on
No supply drops can be tapped on
Can’t change to any other interface

In-game assets on the map spawn still
The map can be moved, spun, zoomed in and out still.

Clearing it from the RAM and relaunching the App fixes this issue until next time it asks for a reset because it was updated

It does not happen every time. But occasionally.

I’m being up the bottom swipe menu while playing for 2 reasons.
1: I have a screen capture App that records my screen and I use it to record the battles. Post online.
2: to access my flashlight feature of my phone. I was out at the park at 12 midnight simply because the event would of ended when I woke up the next morning and it was dark!

Using an IPhone 8+