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[ BUG FIXES ] Nov 26, 2019

Hello Adventurers!

We have pushed the following fixes in the latest update: Legendary Arena Matchmaking - Players in the Legendary Arena and the Leagues will first be matched with players close to their trophy count. If that initial matchmaking is unsuccessful, players can choose to battle a bot for reduced trophy rewards, or battle the next available player in the legendary arena, regardless of their trophy count. Quests - We’ve corrected the following quest bugs:

  • Combat Focus: CRITICAL HIT - counts the correct number of critical hits per weapon.
  • Combat Focus: PUSH & Combat Focus: PULL - counts targets killed by the ability.
  • Favored Enemy: Any Monster - the quest scroll symbol no longer appears on all doors.
  • Rewards of Bravery - collecting the pouch of gold or VIP Brawl chest also counts for this quest.
  • Calliope & Nayeli Stats - the stats for Calliope & Nayeli at level 10 and higher have been corrected to match the other heroes’ progression* The free challenge now appears at the top of the Challenge list.

Your Warriors Of Waterdeep Team


Nice… thanks guys

Awesome. I have been looking forward to these fixes.

A quick hope to go with the good news. I hope that “close to their trophy count” means within 200 either way since that seems to be the limit of where you can win or lose trophies

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Hmm not seeing update in iPhone app store yet… they might just be slow lol I’ll look later

It’s slowly rolling out :slight_smile:

So far a total fail. For the first time I got the “wait or get a bot” message. Chose the bot. All level 19’s with legendaries.(Im 12-14) that ran right through me. I would lose that fight 99 times out of 100. :frowning: When my lvl 2 disintegrate barely scratches the Cleric on round 2, you know you are done. Tried again, same thing. Level 18s this time who were demi-gods.

Although I guess compared to yesterday getting matched up with a real player with a 6200+ ranking to my 3600. Yeah zero chance and a 50pt trophy loss and quest setback.

So I guess it just changed to a different kind of sucking.

Can’t wait for it to hit iPhone App Store lol

Lol another quick suggestion. Dont put a message In game telling us to update with a link that takes us to the App Store until there is actually and update available in the store… I’m patient and I find it funny, but it could really upset some people

The Time searching for opponent and then offering a bot or an opponent could be easily cut in half

I haven’t had update yet so I can’t comment much but I saw someone say a minute and a half before. If that is where it is at ,I wouldn’t mind It so that I could get a live person close to my trophy count as opposed to a bot

Tried a battle took on a bot. Got 4 lvl 16 vs 12 12 13 12. Won barely because bot calliope dominated Farideh who took out halbenet and Saarvin. Never seen bot bars dom before. Got 12 trophies.

Yeah trophies aren’t based on levels… I am guessing even though their levels were ahead of you their supposed trophy count was 170-180 below you?

This is as bad or worse than before, im in infernal league and the last 6 bots i fought were all level 20.

Hey john,

Just a quick question if you know the answer. It says that rewards are reduced if you face a bot. Does that mean if you lose to a bot you don’t lose as much as if you lost to a real person as well?

The bot was 200 trophies below me.

Hmm ok… usually 200 below you would just get you 10 points. I wonder if they changed that as well

I got 5 trophies for beating a bot about 100 trophies above me. Full team of level 20s. This artifical gating of ranking isn’t fun, nor is it fair to players.

I am starting to get a little frustrated, I am just not sure who I should be frustrated with. We got news of an updated and even and in game message with a link to the App Store. Both of these things happened at least two hours ago and yet there is still nothing in the iPhone store. I can understand it takes time or maybe it is not the fault of Ludia and it is because of Apple. However these announcements and especially links to update should not be put into place until there is confirmation that they are actually there. It would be better to surprise a few people by having an unannounced update than to have people expecting an update where there is none

Apple traditionally takes longer to approve updates or additions. Give it a day or so~~