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[ BUG FIXES ] Nov 26, 2019

Yeah I figured that when I said I wasn’t sure who to be frustrated at. But I still think it is bad idea to advertise update without being sure it is available. The in game link to App Store is what really gets me

I am beginning to think this app should be rebranded as Waitng for Waterdeep.

While I appreciate this pseudo-fix, I need to question how long are players expected to wait a comparable active player in PvP, or the [expletive] bot button. I have just waited almost a minute and the game is still searching. This is far too long. Rather than waiting further I closed the app.

Once again, an update has minimized one problem while compounding another. It has been obvious for months that there are not enough active players to enforce true PvP matches. Attempting to compel players to combat other players through delays and penalties is impractical. Give us the option to fight a bot right from the start. I have waited a week for an update, now i need to wait further.

Most players do not want to be artificially compelled to battle real players. Balanced bots similar to what existed two weeks ago was an acceptable alternative when comparable players are unavailable. Unfortunately, the development team continues to attempt to pacify the few who desire true PvP. The ongoing pursuit of binary matches has been fruitless and tiresome. This misplaced ideal needs to be abandoned.

I previously suggested players be allowed to choose between battling a ‘bot’ or a ‘real player’ right from the start. Give players the option to wait for real players instead of penalizing all players. Additionally, it is unfair to provide less trophies for bot battles as this negatively impacts players who play outside of the peak time periods.

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I don’t even have the update in App Store :wink:

This isn’t meant as an insult or to be sarcastic, but is a minute really too long to wait? I haven’t had the problem yet because I am waiting on download to become available and I guess time is always relative to what you are doing, but does a minute really feel that long?

For a mobile game…yes a minute far is too long to wait. Its taking longer to establish matches than to play them.

A few people complained prior to update 12 when the wait was approx. 15 seconds.

Addiionally, they promised a ‘bot’ button but i havent seen it yet. I am not certain how long we need to wait before the button generates.

Gotcha… like I said I haven’t had the update yet so have not really experienced that. Once I have it happen to me it might feel like too much as well.

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Yeah I think the same thing re the wait

I used to wait 20-30 minutes for a game to load On my vic20 then my Commodore 64, then you’d wait again and again for new sections.

We r living in an age of entitled and impatient people (I’m often one of them when it comes to impatience)

Additionally My game crashes at least once per challenge and most times I open a chest so I’ve got used to waiting, the PvP wait is trivial for me

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Apple is the poor cousin of android when it comes to mobile games

Always get updates later, less fixes of bugs etc

Note: something that is factual is not slanderous

Yeah I know Apple is sometimes slow… that’s why I’d suggest next time not putting out the announcement until they can see that it is in the App Store

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Were they previously lower? Calliope certainly seemed very squishy but I can’t tell any difference and didn’t know the stats prior to the update.

Well I am assuming they meant they were lower and made higher to match, but that’s not what it actually says. It could have been the other way as well. However if they had lowered them, I am not sure they would have necessarily mentioned it.

The update for Apple hasn’t come through so I will screenshot mine now and after and see if I can find difference



sorry, i don’t have Calliope’s pic :joy:

Its interesting how quickly Saarvin went from being the best PvP hero to possibly the worst,

Yes a minute is to long to wait. 15-20 seconds max. A player is on or one isn’t on, shouldn’t have to wait for someone to play half a match. Once trophies fixed, I’m not in a huge bracket with multiple players always on.

Why’s that orloch?

I still don’t have update on AppStore

Obviously everyone involved with updates are android users lol

Just kidding I am guessing it is actually apples fault

Hmm pretty decent difference there… my guys are only at 13 and 10 I wonder how much difference it will be at that level

At least apple play store is consistent on just sucking

I almost made a dirty joke with that but refrained lol

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Turbotarry, in update 12 Saarvin was crippled by equipment adjustments. and others had stats boosted by the Android patch released earlier today. If all of my heroes were at the same level, Saarvin may be the one I would leave off my roster.

Hopefully, the app store will soon approve the patch update for Apple users.