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[ BUG FIXES ] Nov 26, 2019

I find him fine but I don’t have the update yet :wink:

I agree with turbo… he is no longer so dominate where he can take out a whole team with the first shot of a battle, but he doesn’t seem exactly weak. That’s just my experience though and may vary based on levels

How do you think saarvin got nerfed? I haven’t seen anything like that yet. I use the epic bow at lvl 5 with the Fury bracers at lvl 2. Stomps a line when it procs both. Even without that he’s one of my strongest.

Where I am at he definitely doesn’t do the same damage he was doing before. Like I said he is far from weak for me but he definitely lost a bit. Honestly I feel like he is more fair than he was before. I loved when I could destroy a whole pvp team with block on the first shot but I hated when it happened to me

He should have lost a bit he was stupid before, annihilate whole teams without even needing fury.

He’s still good

Lost 1000 trophies in the last week or so (albeit 200-300 right b4 the last update after a shocking run)


Hope Apple get organised soon

For the first time ever I have no desire to play, think I just exhausted my drive thumping the bean bag (not a euphemism - I’m sitting on a bean bag playing the game) after dropping 4 lots of 50 points to matches against weaker teams in which I had no chance :slight_smile:

That legendary bow nerf has helped. But I faced a level 20 bot that destroyed whole team 1 shot. And a player match did same. Those two matches had me wondering if they got the memo that bow nerfed

My level 13 has very little change between updates and my 10 nothing at all

Yeah health bars on my calliope look just as lame as before

You may not have received the changes to Calli and Nayeli yet. The adjustments to these characters was not in update 12. These adjustments were included in the patch received earlier by Android users.

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Those pictures were taken after the patch finally came through… I will check it again later though

Yea I didnt receive any changes either for nayeli nor calliope, hopefully that gets fixed soon

So did you grab an update in android version of App Store

Or did you just get indtslling new content when opening app

Nothing in my App Store as yet

Wow, only Ludia could ‘fix’ something by making it so much worse. Now the bots are just ridiculously OP. I used to at least stand a chance against the ones that were 3 levels higher than me, but now it’s like I may as well not even play.

Oh, wait, that’s right, I don’t have to… bye Ludia.

Nope I got it in the App Store last night

I had three bots last night… all within about 60 points of me and levels were all exactly the same as me. Power levels were fine

Let me start with my wth (this phrase is expressly allowed!!! so don’t flag) comment to Ludia. You can find one little old post about bard bot tactics and no dominate. Spoiler bard bots dominate now. However you can’t find a 100 posts about waiting forever(50 seconds) for a bot. For reference my team is 16-18, idk if that matters. others will have to test the pattern at their levels if they can avoid players long enough or tank the match. Here is my new bot pattern.
level 20’s
level 20’s
level 20’s
level 19’s
level 18’s
level 16/17’s
level 13’s lol what happened to 14 and 15?
after winning level 13’s
level 20’s
level 20’s
level 20’s
level 19’s
level 18’s
level 16/17’s
level 13’s
tank loss to player
level 12’s
after beating level 12 bot
level 20’s
level 20’s
Obviously wins now reset bots to hardest then work down. That’s going to be an issue for most of us. If I’ve got trophies to spare and just trying to farm wins for pvp chest I might work with it. Under 1 condition, It doesn’t take a year and half to enter a match. Why wait 50 seconds plus the long battle 3-4 times in a row? When i can just wait a little longer for a level 12 player team. After all the match is going to take half the time and be a win. If it’s a new season why mess around with bot loses and 5 point wins? Lastly add a noise to bot pop up window. At least when a player match found we get a dice roll sound to bring us back from never never land. Just trying not to go insane looking at “searching for opponent”

Hey everyone, I hear you and I’ll be sure to inform our team about your feedback!

If I’m correct, the majority of you think that bots in PVP are too powerful?

I already thought Nayeli was a hidden gem just for dealing with Dominate now she is a legit tank. Just lost a match which two days ago would have been sure win where I had 2, maybe 3 heros including one from range vs a lone level 19 Nayeli. Couldn’t one shot her so she just kept healing to max until she cut down my team. Especially if she has 50% block going.

Personally don’t mind and understand why bots go over powered. Before they worked up to a loss now they work down to a win. And they start over powered and stay that way 3 matches before working down.