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[ BUG FIXES ] Nov 26, 2019

P.S. congrats Dungeoneer on getting her to level 19 I am taunted by that hero room in Lightfinger I can’t unlock! Plus now they threw in a level 17 Jarlaxie room that is just cruel ha ha.

Why can’t bots run their own win/loss record separate from player win/loss? Then just work up and down 1 level trying to maintain 50% win/loss. Say you take a loss you should take, bots drop a level, Then you get bad rng matchup you should win. So you drop another loss bots go down again. Then your looking at 2 wins in a row as they go back up.

me, too!
17 Jarlaxle :rofl:

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Oh hi now I see your handle I see you are the one who kicked my butt. I imagine I’ll be playing you a lot so see you in the arena!

Ned, what seems to be happening, and I am sure I will corrected if I am wrong is that the bots form the higher level players seem to be overpowered.
I am in the 2500-2800 range with mostly level 13 characters and they seem just fine. It seems like most of the concerns come from people who are a few levels above me.

Before this update most of my bots were fine as well but whenever I had a decent win streak going out of nowhere I would get a bit team that was the same trophy level as me, and previous bots, but 4 or 5 or more levels higher than me. It seems this is happening a lot more often to players now.

For me, it is a lack of consistency in bot power.
How come sometimes 2500 trophies gets you a team of level 12 or 13 bots and other times it’s level 18 bots

@Ned Yes the current algorithm for bot designs is not healthy. They automatically go to several levels higher, with full amxxed legendary gear. This make sno sense. Worse with the new medal system it produces and endless fall for players (lose 50 medals then gain 20, then lose 50) can u see where that ends up.

It doesnt appear the pvp system was thought out beforehand. Ive made a separate post with suggestion for how to manage bots. Can be fixed in a few hours.

Hi Ned,

I understand the 1% are upset because they are constantly battling overpowered bots. It makes sense for the developers to rebalance the bots for these players.

However, many of us in the lower leagues are forced to play very unbalanced matches against real players. Very few of my matches have been remotely balanced since the patch. In almost every battle one side has at least three heros left at the end of the match. Since the update I have not had the option to battle a bot yet. As i have suggested elsewhere, players like myself must also have the option to battle bots as opposed to competing against unbalanced opponents. The patch update stated we would have an option for this.

Hey Orloch, thank you for the feedback, and I will share it with our team. Regarding bot battles, I believe they are available as an option if you’re unable to find a real player in the Arena.

Thanks Ned.

Today the matches have connected quickly (but very unbalanced). Yesterday the app was having difficulty making matches and twice I waited almost a minute. In these cases no match-up occurred and no bot button or option was offered. Do you know how long we are expected to wait for this option to be available when suitable partners are not available? One minute or longer seems much too long.

It’s 50 seconds until bot is created. Then the typical 10-15 seconds before it loads and match starts. The struggle is real in trophy ranges with lots of players. That matching also needs work.

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It was so fun after a long time! :star_struck:

Now that I have to play humans I get to see how bad I am! But unlike bots I have the ability to learn :slight_smile:

I’ve been optimizing my PvP build through a lot of trial and error :smile:


Did you lose to the level 20 bots? Win/lose streaks used to influence bot difficulty.

I guess it’s not clear that every match was a loss unless otherwise stated. Otherwise I couldn’t find the pattern

Thanks for the pattern.

It seems like currently, the optimal strategy would be to only fight bots if you’ve lost 6 PvP matches in a row. This is useful to remember for test of might if it comes around.

@Ned here is a picture that shows what I have mentioned in a couple of other posts. I am not anyone who has been lucky or stayed back to gain gear while not leveling. I do not have an overly high trophy count for my level. But when I just went into a battle against bots, not only were they 3 levels ahead of me, which pretty much guarantees a loss, their trophy count was set more than100 below me which means when I inevitably lose I lose a lot.

Totally fair, reasonable and balanced…

…let’s see what a third matchup brings! Ooh, I’m just abuzz with anticipation!

Much surprise! So pleasant!

I’m having ever so much fun…

Losing track of what threads get what data. Every other topic is about how bad sucks lol. The good news first. Since it took an extra half hour to complete daily chests. Total wait time was only 27% of total play time smh. I’m not worried about current system being repeated next season, devs obviously trying and will come up with something else in its place. Posting this for informational purposes only.