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Bug Fixing and Case Investigation

As a matter of fact after the introduction of the Arena and recently the update of version 1.9, there has been numerous bugs being reported and the large influx of tickets using the in-game support chat is envisaged. We as a player are always trying to help the game developers to do a better game in terms of bugs reporting in such private channels in game chat and open forum as in here, at least that applies to people from our multi-clan.

However there has been a recent observation from the chat reply by support along the lines of “… please expect that such (glitches) problems could re-occur if you continue to use these features… ” and recently We are brought to attention from our multi-clan leader receiving a reply of “… due to repeated abuse of the ticketing system, include spamming the ticketing system, we have revoked your customer rights…” Such pessimistic and irresponsible reply from developer indeed do not help in strengthening the devs-customer relation, whilst causing customer dissatisfaction and driving away from the game. Indeed reporting the issues, updating the status on a following separate dialogue seemed to be totally legitimate as to establish an open talk with support end and thats exactly what the in-game support chat is for.

I’m writing demand a reply (private or open) or to establish a communication channel with gaming developers or personnel in charge to take a closer look on the issue of our clan-leader @shortySTK . I have also send a separate email to support should you believe there is a more appropriate place to address this issue.

After the version 1.9 update there has been a lot more serious bugs affecting game play including:

  • Imbalance of alpha strikes, as a separate post by @Yohomie “Fix the game!” and not herein reiterated
  • Systematic errors of missing gems or overlapping gems in alpha fight, causing to glitches in scoring
  • Arena match making opponent error message shown during a quest fight
  • Connection stability and constant “discrepancy of data” during arena fight, causing a victory match becoming a losing out with deduction.

    We are not the kind of people harassing or begging for support replies and hoping to receive goodies from the glitches, indeed we wish that we could never have the needs to contact support if this is ever a glitch-free game and we 150 of us can enjoy and make the most fun amongst our community connection as well as beefing us fights with fellow vikings across other clans in arena.

This is a message from DYLC writing on behalf of all 150 members of the “LionHeart Pride” of all six clans across the community, aka
DragonWings, DragonFire, Enlite, Ignite, Sol, Rise.

There has been a separate thread by @Alexandre “Stop arrogant support and fix bugs” regarding voices from our clan and not herein reiterated.

We’re Demanding for a Justice in support providing to our clan leader- @shortySTK . She is more than just a clan leader in game but a moderator that helps to promote a positive attitude across the TU forums. Reply awaited!


Ever since this update I’ve not been able to do any offers on tapjoy I can’t even see any offer

this is what I see I’m hoping they fix it soon

I think your comment is in the wrong section @Aiden_Patterson .

I’ve also been annoyed with support. They seem more worried about pushing compensation than communicating what’s being done about the bugs. I reported a board freeze with screenshots and information about what I was doing, as it might help. They just pushed me 6 alpha energy and closed the case.

For starters that was completely unfair to the rest of the clan, I got first place by nearly double. But also I don’t want alpha energy, I want a thank you for reporting and a follow up to the issue, it can be a forum announcement for all I care.

Given the amount of bugs I don’t report, makes wonder if I’d get banned also, but until that point they’d probably shove compensation I don’t want to me and close the case. Oh and I’m not allowed to post chat between me and support… That I think is one of the biggest jokes.

I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of the issue with Shorty, so I have no thoughts on that part of the original post.

But I definitely agree with the sentiments around dealing with support. The “play at your own risk” responses are pretty dismissive. So yeah, I just don’t play Arena anymore. It ends in frustration too many times.

Look, I was in software development for a while in my career. I get that errors can show up in production that don’t necessarily arise in a dev environment. So I try to make thorough reports when I come across a defect. But I won’t do it in the support channels anymore. I’ll report them here, but that’s it.

It would be great to see a summary of defects from the Ludia team along with a status, given that so many of us are providing the information rather than just abandoning the game. As it stands now, it seems like we’re just sending bug reports to the void.