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Bug found

Is tenotorex immun against stun?
In every fight in the Last time, it didn’t work.
I used tharo, utarinex and dilo… nothing works… and always i lost the fight

What anesthesia? O.o If you mean distract, the move superiority strike removes its effects, and Tenontorex has it as its primary attack.

I know that … I chose to stun with my dinosaurs as the first attack … and this always had no effect

That’s down to RNG.

What is the reason?

The opponent change too tenotorex, then i have the first move…i use stun, and nothing happend… he attakted me… in every fight…

I think that’s just bad luck. If Tenontorex had that immunity it would do well vs Thor.
I often can’t stun anything with my Utarinex. Though sometimes it does land a stun.