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When I try to go on a date with Jamie this comes up??:cry:

I’m sorry that the conversation with Jamie is causing network issues, Synngje. Our team is currently looking into this.

It’s been 5 hours, what’s taking so long? :blush: I wanna go on the date with Jamie:((

Did this get fixed for you? Happening to me too with a different character

Nope:/ still error… hope they fix it before he unmatch me

Has the problem been solved for you? Cause it’s still the same for me…

I think a lot of people are still having that issue, or at least a decent number of people even if not as many as before. Don’t worry about being matched since you can match with them again and resume the story where you often off, but I understand it’s a hassle and that it shouldn’t happen in the first place.

I’ve had a problem that when I try to go on the second date with Jamie it just gives me a black screen and doesn’t progress at all.