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Bug glitch

Hi still says network error when trying to get the kiss thing to work to buy it won’t let me just keep popping up network error

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Hey there, Christie_Legresley, do you have a screenshot of the network error? Also, please try restarting your device and see if that helps.

Hi I sent in the screenshot of it happening do you know when we can go back on goggle yet or any more updates on it yet

Our team is still currently working on a fix for that issue. We’ll be sure to try and provide an update here ASAP once we have more information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Thanks I’m not sure what go on but we can’t get the notfacthion not working naw either for me not sure if it’s happening to everyone else think that it is so that will also have to look into it too :blush:

Hey Christie_Legresley, our team is also investigating the issue where notifications are not appearing. Once we have more information on a fix, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


So I tried to power it off. Like you said and back on but it still says network error when trying to blow a kiss it doesn’t work hopefully it will all get fix soon

Hi just wondering when goggle will be available as game was shut down for a bit but what got fix still can’t get into it and still not working still have my one counter part not gone not sure what was actually fix hoping it be goggle and notfacthion soon

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They did not fix it😔
And they still don’t know when they will fix it

I’m having the same issue with Calum. Go to blow a kiss and get the network error message. Haven’t been able to continue with him for 35 hours now. Hopefully they get a fix soon.

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I just tried to blow a kiss to Alex and got that again saying network error as well they fix it once they are also working on to fix skler and Jaden stories mine is skler but other are saying that they are having trouble with it seems for some reason this bug glitch happening more often naw please fix this problem and get back to us when you can

My blow a kiss isn’t working either, please fix

Hello everyone! The team is aware of some issues with the “Blow-a-kiss” feature. They are currently actively working to fix it as soon as possible. Your patience is much appreciated.