Bug in arena after season ending

Soo basically I went to play the game and first thing I saw was that from copper I i got to wood instantly. It was pretty weird since I’ve pressed the “end season” button or whatever and it got me down to a copper 10 mins ago or something. But it’s not a big deal. The thing that made me jump a bit from my seat was that when you fight you can obtain and lose up to 100 trophies!! That’s insane I thought. But the thing is that when I fought i got 95 trophies and got scared a bit,since I thought I’m gonna be banned or something! Here are some pics:Screenshot_20200128-182759_Titan Uprising Screenshot_20200128-182811_Titan Uprising

Hope this bug will be fixed soon!

Edit: I just lost 90 trophies now! Screenshot_20200128-184018_Titan Uprising

You think that’s bad? I lost 141

Hey Tootie_lover, players will lose and gain more trophies now as part of the rebalancing:

@Ned But are these new values correct? (before this arena update we were gaining or losing about 10 to 20 trophies or so and now its suddenly +/-100 trophies)

I have no problem with losing or gaining more trophies than before - but surely there should be some parity between what I can win and what I lose if someone attacks my defence team? At moment I can win less than 100 but lose up to (or maybe even more) 177! I will never get back as much as I lose at that rate.


I believe it’s to account for the tiers being further apart, but I can definitely try and get a confirmation. :slight_smile:

Update: the new values are correct. :+1:

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Yeah would be great if you could do that (from what i read in the update thread i knew it was going to increase, but i really didn’t expect it to be increased this much)

I can pass your feedback to our team, NightLight4.

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Umm…uh… how is that fair @Ned? You can win 50 trophies but lose almost 140!? Yeah…smells like rebalancing the arena a bitScreenshot_20200128-211753_Titan Uprising

Why does my opponents offer the regular amount of trophies?

Hey Yohomie, could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and that screenshot so they can take a closer look?


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Hi, Ned, also we now can complete arena duty that requires 50 trophies in one battle as it allows us to win up to 100 trophies per fight… is this intentional too?

I lost over 1000 trophies when I woke up this morning. How in the hell am I ever supposed to get that back when I’m losing more than 100 and only getting about 80 to 90?

Plus, managed to lose a battle this morning when it just locked up on me. The dragons kept going, it would not respond to me moving the gems at all. In the battle after that, everything was sped up. It was so weird. Why does this get worse with every update?

I’ll share this with our team. Thanks, Military_Jane.

Hey Stormchaser2, I’m sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and device information so they can take a closer look at the issue you were having in battle?

Hi Ned! I can’t at the moment, I am waiting for my ticket from last week to be responded to, and I don’t want to lose my place in line.