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Bug in battle


It is very annoying , I lose at least 3 battles a day cause of bug connection. The game buff without end and when I restart, I see that I lost a battle or even during a battle the game buffer and again when I restart I lost. And I lose my points, This is not normal

Arena bugs / fallos de arena

Another bug. This guy is at zero but hit me two more times!


Hey Gau25, I understand that having connection issues, especially in battle can be very frustrating. The steps on this thread could help if you try them: Lost a battle I was winning
If the issue persists after trying those steps, reach out to our support team here at with your support key.


Hey Dflyz, thanks for reporting this. I’ve heard of a similar issue like this before, and I have notified our team about it. Contact our support team here at with your support key and more information including that screenshot to assist them with the investigation.


Just sent it with as much info as I could hope they need. Good luck. And thanks for such an addicting, time wasting game! Love it (unfortunately for my job :blush:)!



This is happening to me too! Lock the battle and the opponent ends up winning.


Screen shot 1 I was lock in place way after I should have been :rage:
Screen shot 2 it gave me a different dinosaur then I had pick the one that should have come out is the one in the move box :rage:
Screen shot 3 no moves to pick from :rage:
I lost all 3 battles so 1 pvp is full of cheats or 2 pvp is full of bugs you pick witch one


I just lost a battle without play
I restart the game and already lost the battle
I want my points back!!!
El tiempo llego a cero y cuando reinicie el juego ya perdí la batalla! Quiero mis puntos de regreso