Bug in daily Rewards

Either I’ve found a bug or the game is not explaining things to me.
I swapped a daily task and was given a ‘ Use Lesser Emergency Heal 3 times’ task. I did this in a battle with Meolania and the task did not update. Why?
I cannot swap the task again and will lose my daily reward as a result.
Help! Can you explain why it didn’t work for me?


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Sorry to tell you but it is a bug listed in the “known issues” thread… @Ian_Lawrence

You could probably email them and get some kind of compensation for having to buy a replacement task if you go that route.



Thanks, that does make sense.
Oh well, lost out on some DNA and my streak will be affected.

I would like to confirm I have had this same bug for this same daily mission. Using Meolania emergency lesser heal did not satisfy the mission. No other creature has this ability. So I also tried lesser group heal and greater emergency heal using a Diloranosaurus to see if it was a classification error, and that did not satisfy the mission either. I tried heal using Purrolyth. After that I gave up.