Bug in either Critical Sidestep or Cautious Cunning Rampage?

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Bug Description: Bug in either Critical Sidestep or Cautious Cunning Rampage

Area is was found in: PVP

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Phorurex vs Phorurex in PVP
Step 2 - in the first turn, both Phorurex use Critical Sidestep
Step 3 - in the second turn, the faster Phorurex uses Cautious Cunning Rampage

With this sequence of steps, the slower phorurex used Critical Sidestep after the faster phorurex did it’s critical sidestep. Thus, the slower phorurex should have “100% chance to Dodge 66.7% of damage for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn.” My understanding of the turn mechanics is that this should end either after 2 attacks, or when the slower phorurex begins their next turn. However, when in the next turn the faster phorurex does a (priority) Cautious Cunning Rampage, it does 100% of it’s damage (often plus a 25% crit bonus). This seems wrong, since the slower Phorurex’s dodge should still be in effect, and Cautious Cunning Rampage says nothing about being precise nor removing dodge.

(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:
It seems to happen a lot. I’m not sure if I can say it happens every time or not, but it happens every time I notice it.

What type of device are you using:
Android - Pixel 6 Pro.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

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No, the sidestep only works for THAT turn of use. If you’re not attacked in that same turn, it won’t dodge any more


That does seem to be how it’s implemented, but then I would say that the text description is wrong. It should be written like Instant Invincibility Taunt. “100% Shields for 4 attacks, lasting this turn.” Saying it lasts for 1 turn means it should continue until the beginning of the next turn, as other turn-based effects are implemented.

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it’s inconsistent. pretty sure if something like spinoc instant distracts and pho sidesteps, pho will still be distracted the next turn.

Because Phorurex is faster in that instance. If it were slower than Spinocon, then it would cleanse the Distraction

yeah. but as far as the “turn” is concerned. if the dodge wears off at the end of the turn even without an attack, the distraction should too if they both last a turn.

That’s not how distraction works. To wear-out distraction you have to attack the required amount of times, there is no case where if you don’t attack the distraction goes away on a turn 1 distraction move.

In regards to CCR, the text description does not accurately say how it functions like @MCSaavedra stated. The move states it, “dodge 67% of all incoming damage for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn.

The dodge for the slow Phorurex should have lasted for the turn after it was used.

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that’s what i meant with the inconsistency. somethings go away after each player has done an action which would indicate the end of that turn. and somethings carry over to the next turn. even though they both say “for 1 turn” and each player has done an action.

like with instant distraction, if it’s done to something that didn’t attack that turn, it’s really distracted for 2 turns. and an argument could be made that the player really should have wasted their distraction move.