Bug in gobbers weekly duties?

Cool new feature, these weekly duties, but one thing doesn’t work for me.

It says “train 3 dragons at valkas sanctuary” but I’ve already trained more this week and the counter stays at 0/3.

Hey Davy_de_Kerf, could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com so our team can take a look? Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.


Oh, no, seriously? I REALLY hope that one only turns up if you actually have three dragons that could be trained. I would find that nearly impossible to accomplish, as none of the dragons I’m training are near the right levels, and there is no realistic chance I could train any up to those levels in a week.

I confirm. It is not possible to fulfill this condition.

Me too. I have sent message to support.

I also have contacted support. I have ran at least 6 through the academy, and it is not registering.

Hey there everyone, Our team is aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Thank you for reaching out to us! In the meantime feel free to contact our support team, if you have not already, at: support+forums@ludia.com and this may help our team obtain more information to solve the issue. As a heads up, avoid sending multiple tickets in as it may prolong the time it takes to receive a response, and remember to check your spam folder as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

I’m experiencing an issue where the game no longer provides any notification what so ever that a six hour card pack is now available.

So am I and at least one other user (@Buzz). I reported it some time ago, but support insists they can’t reproduce it. I’m not holding my breath. (BTW, see also Issues that support "can't reproduce"; is it just me?)

I have the same bug with Train 3 dragons at Valkas’s Sanctuary, already contacted support too.

P. S. Isn’t possible to reduce that task to 1 dragon? Titan Training is too much-luck dependent, I had a dragon in it since before the task started and only today managed to level him up, if only one can be difficult to get in a week, 3 is almost impossible

It has been 9 days now.

I don’t think you have to succeed, just send a dragon for training. The task is impossible to complete, however, as it never registers that you’ve done so. (Having the same problem…)