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Bug in the fight with Bewilderbeast Alpha

I’d like to report a bug in a fight with Bewilderbeast Alpha. As you can see in the video my green Flank-Tanker can’t fully charge the spirit meter.

This happend a lot of times to me, so I’ve decided to record it. I believe it has something to do with ice blocks that Bevilderbeast is makeing. I think that if you hit the ice block with a certain color tile before that color dragon has filled its spirit meter - it gets stuck at 95%.

It is very annoying and unfair. I’ll be grateful for fixing it.


I think I reported this as well, I’ll search for that post later.
I didn’t have video though


You sure that’s the issue? Hitting the ice blocks indeed deals no damage and thus generates no spirit. At ~40 seconds you popped two green tiles, one of them was on the edges, ie missed and the other hit an ice block. Then at ~53 seconds you popped 3 green riles right into 3 ice blocks. Neither of these scenarios has given any spirit to your green dragons. At ~1.03 the bug is visible, as the 3 green tiles go straight for the Alpha and only give spirit to Revenger.

However, I’m not sure this is a Bewilderbeast problem. Until ~40 seconds - you haven’t hit any ice blocks. However, due to the Very Slow charging of Tanker, he was at 90% when Revenger got charged and activated the spirit bonus. Did you try having Tanker at 90% when you activated Revenger’s bonus on any other fight?

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@Wirxaw - i don’t know exactly what triggers the glitch. However it happened 2 times before I recorded the third fight. In the second it was even more painful because both Tank-Falnker and Ravenger were stuck on the spirit meter at about 95% and I didn’t have a chance to fire their special even once during the fight with Bewilderbeast.

I played with the same line-up of Dragons in regular Quests and it didn’t happen. Both Flank-Tanker and Revenger were able to fill-up spirit meters. Also this didn’t happen on any other Alpha. That’s why I speculate it has something to do with the ice blocks.

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Yes, perhaps that’s the case. I will test Toothless+Tanker on the scale quests(both are too low to test them normally) to see if this could be related to spirit gain buff(which Toothless has).

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Here is my original post on this. I emailed support. But have yet to hear back. In game messages get much faster responses

I’ve just noticed another bug. Check again 1:04. Revenger’s special is ready eventhough its spirit meter is not full! Or maybe it is connected with Flank-Tanker, because its meter should be filled and somehow Revanger got the ability to use a special instead of F-T.

I just had this bug with at least two dragons (an veil and fendmender) not generating spirit. I submitted an in game ticket as they seem to respond there faster

Has it happened in a fight with Alpha or a regular fight?

Just in my clan alpha fights that I’ve noticed

Alright, this bug pertains not only to Flank-Tanker, but to any green dragons in this fight.
Both my Scally and MT were affected.

Will try to see what triggers it, but a 900k Alpha with this bug will be nigh-unkillable.


Okay… it’s not even the green dragons. This time my Anveil got borked too. Well, here’s my chance to see what happens when you don’t kill an alpha. I suggest you to spam the living hell out of support mailbox with videos of this bug.

Aaand the infinite loading bug now stikes me as well. And here I thought I was immune. Yep, it ain’t going down.

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I’ve had it with brute worst too. Ludia didnt understand my email about this. I asked them to check video here but they havent responded

I am noticing the same today against the same alpha in my clan. First I noticed my green saw maw not leveling. Paid particular attention the next battle. I did get him to level once then the level stopped. At the end this seemed to be affecting all of my dragons.
Gloomleer, tripfire as well as tuffnut junior
How do you send an in game ticket?
I did email a set of screen shots to support.
Battling a 4 star is rough with abilities blocked.

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Hey Vikings, our team is aware of an issue where your dragon’s spirit might not fill up correctly during a battle, and our team is currently investigating the problem to find a fix ASAP.


Update. I noticed that when this happens, you also dont get bonus spirit from other dragons with that as an ability


This bug is still happening. Two of my dragons bugged out; they were not longer able to fill their spirit meter, regardless of actually hitting the alpha during the entire fight.

You can see the little sparkle animation happening on the dragon’s portrait but the meter wont fill up.

It’s been going on for a good while now.

Perhaps it’s related to using 2 dragons of the same color in the battle? I noticed all of you are using a double color of some sort.

I didn’t personally encounter this bug, but I did get an infinite loading screen in order to fight an Alpha. It wouldn’t budge, so I had to close & reopen the whole game, not to mention that temperature went up with the intense effort to connect to the battle for more than half an hour. It still hasn’t cooled.

I have the same problem, and it’s very frustrating. On my 5 dragons ( each of different colors), generally I can use only 2, on lucky days 3,the spiritmeter of the others doesn’t fill up, it gets stuck.
Sometimes it works well, but 99% of the time I have this bug, and only with the ice beast ( whatever stars it is), which also means I can’t hit hard.
Also it’s quite random, in one combat, my green, red and blue dragons are stuck, the next combat it will be my purple, green, and yellow dragons for example…
I’m on Android if it can help.

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Perhaps the problem lies with the beast then. That particular beast.

It only happens when fighting the Bewilderbeast. It hasnt happened anywhere else.