Bug: Injured and Regenerate death


If you suffer from injured state, and have regenerate on, the injury kicks in first. If the injury kills you, regenerate will still kick in. You will see no hero alive anymore, and the game gets stuck in a state where you’re trying to move non-existent hero. Rebooting the app will solve the issue, but perhaps there should be a check on regenerate to check if HP <1, it’s removed - or switch it so that bleeding damage is dealt after regenerate.


Hey Wywernywin, thanks for bringing this to our attention! Our team is aware of this bug and we’ll be investigating further. Assist our team by sending them any information or screenshots you have for this issue. Our team can be reached at support+forums@ludia.com, and including your support key in the email will also help.


I think this may be related to the issue I reported on FB: https://www.facebook.com/WarriorsOfWaterdeep/posts/443206119478475

The “revive” gem option was maybe screwed up because my last character died and then was hit with a regeneration tick. He didn’t die to “injury” but to the second major zone boss’ fire ground effect.