[Bug] Jurassic World: The Game | Crashes after Winning | June 08, 2022

Hellow Fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

We are aware that with the latest update, a bug is occurring that causes players to crash when they win a battle.

We will be sending out compensation at a later time.


The Jurassic World: The Game Team


Any chance we’ll have a fix this week still?


Yeah i did get hit by the bug semi-badly, it gave me the ostaposaurus after the third win from the pack, but not any of the other rewards. And thats partly due to the crash. Im a bit disappointed by the bug, but not as much as i could be if i didnt get anything.

It has something to do with spinning wheel, maybe the changes they made to some rewards, because if You lose the battle everything works fine. Game doesnt crash, we don’t get disconnected, just the wallpaper and spinning icon, You can force a disconnection by disabling wi-fi. ( This is a good alternative instead of closing Game, You get disconnected and You can log again faster)

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Hey, we can only be thankful the community event wasnt a battle requirement prize.


I get it on any battle win, like before the last battle in an event that only yields a little DNA.


True, You are right. Me too. Maybe it’s when You receive a reward, like the little DNA on each battle

I would like to disagree with the theory that is before you win something, it happened to me today during the second out of three battles.

But hey, it wouldn’t be a Jurassic park without dangerous bugs hahah


It’s your fault, Mr Nobody cares, you have started this bugs some years ago​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl:


It’s only because I don’t get paid enough :joy::joy::joy: if Ludia wants to give me a rise I might think about it


We still haven’t identified the cause as of 5 pm when I last checked. If it is found early soon enough and is an easy fix, there is a small chance it will be out this week.


Thats Bad news, theres an important Tourney on friday. Can’t be fixed by releasing a new update rolling back changes Made with last update?

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Personally it only affects me in battles with Jurassic, in today’s aquatic event everything worked normal, the same in PvP.

Do you have the same problem with water battles? If not, you should be able to compete in this weekend’s tournament without any problems.

It affects me on every battle, even BOSS battles


I was just about to come on and write about this as yes, after every battle I must reboot the game because of this


I hope this gets sorted soon. Having to restart after every battle during the tournament is going to be very frustrating and de-motivating.

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After win a Jurassic battle just freeze

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After a few battles of logging in every time, now I just get this.

Do you even want people to play this game?

It is unplayable for some of us.


Improvement… but still not helpful.

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Yeah I am also having trouble getting in. The bugs are getting a little crazy.