Bug list after 1.4


Got a series of problems about damage calculation and speed reductions after 1.4. Specifically:

Velociraptor, lvl 20, vs Dilofouranousaurus, lvl 18: the Dilo shows 909 remaining hits, Velociraptor’s attack is 975, preview of the attack shows Dilo at 212 remaining hits despite his 0% armor. This is the most puzzling for me because there’s no damage calculation involved since standard Velo attack’s not enhanced, and Dilo had no defenses active, so, it’s really just subtracting two numbers.

Stegoceratops, lvl 18, vs Stegodeus, lvl 19. Stegoceratops is faster. Both players play thangomizer and after both are slowed donw, Stegodeus resolves the next attack first (this costed me the game).

Tragodistis lvl 18 vs too many to be listed (including: Monostegoceratops, Tragodistis, Stegodeus, and others): damage preview for charge is off quite often (this costed me several battles).

Where found: Sorna Marshes, Jurassic Ruins.

This is quite a problem since when you play at a decently high level, winning or losing a battle is often the matter of just one attack, so, not being able to have the correct preview of things is quite ruining the game experience for me.

Thanks for reading.


Lost another match, Monostegotopo lvl 20 (me) vs Monostegotopo lvl 18 (opponent), Sorna Marshes. Attack preview for Nullifying impact (the one going with 1.5x damage) shows my opponent’s dino dead, so, I pick this one over Stunning strike, and CLEARLY the damage count was wrong, my opponent survives, stuns my Monostegotopo and scores 2K dmg before I’m able to counter. So, another battle lost thanks to your incapability of designing proper software developed.

This stuff is INADMISSIBLE in a game at a gamma stage where real money can be involved. And it’s an even greater shame considering nothing of this happened before the 1.4 update.

Hire better software engineers / coders. And reward in some way players who got screwed over and over by your faulty software (in the very same way you should give a coins bonus equal to the max green boxes we’re not able to take because of the most recent bug)

Also, as for the other bug (dinos spawning inside strike events): a forumite reported you said officially there’s nothing you can do. Easy peasy: define a buffer around a strike tower. Define that buffer as a “no spawning zone”. End of the story, it’s like level zero ArcGIS, and it’s 100% compatible with the arc-node topology implemented by Google Maps.

Then, ban me for being rude, I really don’t care.


Hey Eithel_Anduin, I’m sorry about the issues you are having with the battle arena, it’s understandable how frustrating this could get especially in higher level arena. Our team is aware of the problem with the damage preview, and they’re investigating into it.