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BUG - Not THAT Major


I do not have any pictures of this bug as it happened too quick, but my team was just attacked by an invisible dragon. It went away after the attack but still dealt damage.


Thanks for letting us know @Toothless1. Did the dragon reappear after it attacked? It’s possible that the dragon might not have loaded correctly when the battle started. We recommend closing any background application you have opened and that you are connected to a stable internet connection while playing the game. Our team would also be happy to investigate further if you emailed them here at with your support key. If you’re able to grab a screenshot as well, it’ll be really helpful to our team.


No the dragon didn’t reappear and it didn’t attack again so what I think might have happened was that I killed it like on the same frame it attacked or something like that. I don’t think I’ll be able to grab a screenshot of it tho since its invisible lol.

Happy Supporting! - Toothless


A invisible dragon attacking you definitely sounds weird, totally a glitch!
I hope it doesn’t happen to you again, cause that would definitely suck.


Yeah it was pretty bad, wiped out 2 of my dragons :frowning: @Kiri