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Bug of The Day #3


Let’s go on.

The third bug is one of the worst for me. It’s about alliance. Well, there’s a lot of alliance bugs, then I’m gonna start with the worst at least for me:

Post new chat message won’t work after battling.

I didn’t realize if its only after battle or maybe another action, somebody could tell. But after a battle is 100% “chance of” your typed message in alliance chat not post anything. You have to close and re-open app if you wanna say something there.
Well, almost EVERY bug you have to re-open app anyway… :roll_eyes:

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You don’t have to close the app. Just press the button to see the recently used apps, and then go back to the app and you’ll be able to chat!


Really? I realise that I have to restart the game every time after battle in order to chat.
I don’t know this way to fix it.


It worked, thanx.

Some other bugs like it i was already doing this trick.

I wonder if all these kind of bugs are Samsung specific bugs, or people have this using another Android interfaces (or even ios)?


I have Motorola, so it’s seems to be an a Android thing