Bug of The Day #6

lets talk one more time about social tab…

sometimes (many since 1.7) when a friendly battle is starting i hear all battle sounds happening in background, but see only this animated beauty:

but now i learned. when i hear the PAMMM sound when a battle is starting and no change to screen, i do the FANTASTIC workaround for 90% of other bugs: close and re open jwa app. doing this fast enough i only lost my 1st dino choice and first move.


Yeah, it’s sort of a blind date feature I think… go in blind, hope the one you’re looking at will be sort of friendly… and hope for the best :joy::joy:



but its a ui object that covers the battle at back. touches go all to this picture, battle areas dont receive input.

if i dont restart app (what i did a couple of time to see what happens), i hear my dinos die alone, one by one… poor babies, no chance.

I need more up-votes for this one. Best comment of the week!


could be a feature to balance arena after boosts:


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