Bug on Apex Raid Weekly Mission

Earlier today I got my 3rd win in Apex raids beating MHaast, got the count of the weekly to 3/3 and tried to collect, the game refused to give me the reward and also semi-crashed in the screen. Turned off and on the app, I got back to 2/3. Tried to reach In-Game support but after some hours I didn’t get response.

It’ll take a few business days for support to reply not a few hours


I’ve had crashes on hitting the collect where the purple ball instantly appears and then crashes, although I haven’t had it not count. Hopefully you can find a team to beat Haast again.

Sorry to hear that, Flaren89. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible! As mentioned, it may take a few extra business days before they can respond (depending on ticket volume).