Bug on battles (stegosaurus)


I just play my 15 lvl stego against a 13 lvl stego. I play first, use the thagomizer, he uses it too. I play first again (as it should be) and use superiority strike, he uses it too. But somehow he got to strike first in the next round. How is that possible? It has to be a bug, because we use the same strikes and i should be the one playing first. Please ludia fix this.


It’s not a bug. When you are higher level, you go first. The way that superiority strike works, it always benefits the slowest one. So you used superiority strike first, cool, you self-cleansed and slowed your opponent. The thing is you didn’t have any negative effects applied, your self-cleanse was wasted. Your opponent used superiority strike, which means she cleansed the slowing effect, and then applied it to you. So next round she goes first.

Superiority Strike is a tiny bit too op imo. Most self-cleansing moves before the update happened at the beginning of the turn, which means they were still vulnerable to a new effect. With superiority strike you make sure, if you are slower, next time you will go first.


oh i see. thank you Lyra!