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Bug on creatures immune to slowdown

They could repair the error that exists in creatures immune to speed reduction that despite being immune slows down, even if they do not attack them with speed reduction hits, especially the brachiosaurus.

You come to the forum just to complain and blame another creature ? Shame on you

No idea what either of you are talking about.


Play a game with brachiosaurus then tell me how it went, surely that error must be benefiting you, that’s why you don’t claim.

Some creatures are resistant to it. For example, Smilonemys is 50% resistant to Speed Reduction, meaning if a move such as Superiority Strike is used against its speed will be reduced by 25%, not 50%

Yes friend that I have it clear that there are creatures that have only resistance, unlike brachiosaurus that is immune, even so they take away its speed with any blow they make.