Bug on daily quest

I have no idea what I am supposed to kill in this quest nor if I’m killing the right thing but because of the bad link I’m getting no credit. I couldn’t reset the quest as I reset and got this one. image

I’m sorry about that, Kingoffarts, I believe it should be “monsters of type: fiend.” Our team is working on addressing this.

At the moment, could I ask you to reset the quest again?

Yo @Ned , you have any good suggestions how I can finish daily quest, do 4800 damage with Joppa? He’s lvl11 with minimal gear and I’m facing either players of lvl16+ or bots lvl19+. Poor old fisherman is in a gunfight with a knife.

Hey JP1, if I remember correctly, it should also count towards the quest requirement if you do damage in the PVE Challenges as well. :thinking: Do you have a screenshot of the quest?

@Ned I tried running Joppa earlier in a gold challenge run, no luck. Here’s the quest

Aye, JP1. It looks like that’s a Battle related quest. The only recommendation I can think of would be to try and deal as much damage with Joppa in PVP battles as much as possible before he is defeated.

Or you could wait until you collect enough gear for Joppa to level him up to your team’s average level.

Got a better idea, the devs could include that one daily quest reset for either one of the three sub-quests, or make it reset all three.

I agree with the reset. Those battle daily quests are annoying. You could go multiple fights without seeing said character, and insta-kill effects could scrub multiple chances with zero damage inflicted depending upon which character has the quest and party makeup.

About 2 weeks ago, I fortunately performed this suicide mission. lol

Haha, what can I say…