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Bug or "By Design"


So I noticed something the other day and then confirmed it this morning and I’m wondering if this is a bug, or is it “by design”?

If you already have 2/2 common scents in your bag, and then you start spinning supply drops and one shows a common scent reward, it counts it as you reaching your supply drop reward limit. So if you don’t have space for a new common scent, you don’t want to start spinning supply drops until you use at least one of them.

Maybe this was common knowledge, but I just realized it.


And yet, in the shop it appears you can buy packs of 5. :thinking:


Does not make sense at all. :laughing:


The inventory cap has always been a soft cap when it’s an item you can purchase. VIP can have 140 darts, but if you buy them, it goes over the cap. Same if you pay to accelerate incubators.

I just thought it was odd that if you get a scent reward from a supply drop when you don’t have an open inventory spot, you lose it for that supply drop cycle.


You can and you will have 5 common scents in you inventory (5/2) but if you get one then with a supply drop, it won’t be added to your inventory, it is lost!


So if you pick the common scents up for free from stops, you’re limited to 2. But if you pay them they let you carry 5. Why am I not surprised? :expressionless:


It’s the same thing with darts, you can buy 350 so your inventory will be 350 + those you already have, but as long as you are above 140 no darts from supplies drops will be added to you inventory!