Bug or Dropper?

Imagine a wonderful Christmas Eve… some time with the family, tons of sugary sweets, but first, a few arena matches to have a good flow of incubators throughout the day. After all, need those coins to get those critters leveled up. But what if, a level 30 Rixis decided to end your whole career?

Welp… that was my position. Now, I assumed it was a dropper, as I’ve ran into a Maxima in Marshes before, and seen screenshots of aviary teams down here. But, instead of it being a regular battle, the entire background became purple, before I was kicked out mid-fight. I tried to fight, but didn’t get anything… and whenever I cancelled, I got this popping up.

Yeah… weird, huh? So, do you guys believe this is a glitch? And if so, do you think Ludia would notice this in a sea of posts? I was initially going to make a bug report, but I have no idea how to recreate this so I can actually tell Ludia how it happened. It only happened once, and hasn’t happened since.

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Dropper + bug ( you have connection issue maybe)