Bug or hacker?


So the minute the game found an opponent, it kicked me out saying that the match had timed out, so naturally I restarted the game, and I was able to rejoin the match, however I missed the selection. So the game selected einia, and he started with Ankylosaurus gen 2, and then that’s when weird things began to happen. Whenever I selected a move for einia, the button would disappear, the animations would never show, and health never went down, until I was eventually left with only greater stunning strike and regen. I tried switching to my pyro, But even though pyro came into the fight, I could only select greater stunning strike and regen (the two moves I had when I was using einia). I restarted the game but was faced with the same issues, so I tried again and found that both pyro and einia were dead, and that the game had brought in stegoceratops (the ankylosaurus was still alive btw). After bringing in stegoceratops, I couldn’t select a move for one round, but I did manage to kill the ankylosaurus. And then the game went back to normal, I was able to select moves again, and the opponent brought in a lvl 18 mono (I of course lost).

I believe this was simply a glitch, but I wanted to bring this to attention just in case it wasn’t.


Just connection issues I suspect.

There’s no incentive to hack to win battles in this game.


Hey BetaBlue, that sounds it must have been a really weird situation. It’s possible that this was caused by a connection problem so if you tried tinkering with your internet connection it might help; try the troubleshooting steps listed here on this thread: Lost a battle I was winning

Our FAQ has some useful information on this too: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?s=hot-topics&f=i-am-experiencing-issues-in-the-battle-arena&p=all

Also, pressing the “swap” button then cancelling it should make your dinosaur’s abilities reappear.

If you’re still having an issue, reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, and they’ll be glad to help.