Bug or intended?

Ok, so this has Been bugging me for a while now… While The text is identical on The effect: “Repeat action up to 2 Times on different random targets” they behave completely different.

For example Shevariths “Wand of lightning bolts” has a 2 zone range but can bounce to zone 3.
While Saarvins “Bone Hatchets” has a 2 zone range but for some reason is unable to bounce to zone 3.
Is this a bug or intended?
I find it Kinda unfair that 2 weapon with identical text acts in different ways.
I wont hide that i prefer Saarvin over Shev, but its such a shame that he cant “curve” The procc to The last zone like Shev.
Been looking around for an answer/clarification but cant seem to find one…
Please fix this inconcistency!
The name of The proc is “Richochet” and they are supposed to bounce randomly exactly like Shev’s “lightning Bolt” does.

I would guess one is bugged.

Those 2 used to work different saarvin was able to hit without range limit but would miss some attack sometimes.

Last update they changed it and now they work the same way even if worded differently

Didnt know that, but its good they fixed it (for better or worse) but now they do The same thing. I mean in Saarvs case i think The procc should be able to bounce completely random (like Shevs does). You give up The 3 zone range, and IF The attack proccs it could reach The backline… Anyway they fix it is fine as long as its concistent. Me personally thinlnit should be allowed to bounce further since its “random”. Tommys legendary also bounces 1 zone further (IF I remember correctly)

I have never liked prices bouncing farther than their initial targeting range even when it works in my favor. If it is allowed I think anything outside of targeted range should hit for less. If you throw or fire something and because of a bounce it goes farther than it normally would it loses energy from the previous impact and doesn’t hit as hard