Bug or just poorly described?


I’ve noticed that the description of the instant invulneravility move says cooldown 3 and no waiting time meaning it should be instantly ready as the dino enters the battle. But in fact i have to wait one round until the move is ready. Is this a bug or just a wrong description?


I know what’s not a bug. You being a damn spoofer.


@VACmcBanhammer yeah i’ve been and i am really sorry for doing so. But after reading several comments and topics on this forum about spoofing i quitted doing so. Even though sometimes i really would consider it usefull due to some spawn spots located on private ground which cant be reached. But i get the point of all the people saying that it is unfair because it simply is.
But just by the way: what has a mistake i did in the past to do with the topic i pointed out?


No you didn’t liar. Enough with that “I’m sorry” nonsense. Please stop posting on these forums, cheater. Nobody likes you.


@PhoenixUnity thats the first time something about this topic and me is posted and also the first time i actually said anything about that so how do you say “enough of apologising“? It is literally the first and last time. By the way for some people going out at night time isnt an option because its simply dangerous in some places in the world. I get why you are upset but branding me a liar even though you don’t know for sure and it’s simply not true is a bit fast of a judgement. Also i stopped it because i have invested a decent amount of money into this game and don’t want my account banned for a mistake i’ve made in the past.


ive reported it as a bug and keep getting emails asking if server latency improvements have fixed it. im like uh no, fix the ability or the tooltip. just report it and hopefully it will be fixed one way or another eventually.


And I find that very untrue that you have stopped using it since you actively googled to find a spoofing program for this. Soon you go into spoofing and see all the benefits you won’t stop using it. It’s like drugs. And I too have certain dinosaurs on private property. Well that means bad luck for me. But I do not go and cheat my way through the game.

I hope Ludia will put a firm ban on spoofers because they are the cancer that rots this game from the inside.


@VACmcBanhammer well first of all i did not actively search for this. I saw a video on yourube called “how to play jurassic world alive with a joystick“ while watching a dude doing explenations on his thoughts about the habitat zones in the game and thought i’d try it out too since i cant actively walk around very often. I clicked the link in the description and boom it directed me to the apps website. That all was before i read any articles or topics about it. I didnt even know it’s called spoofing. After i recieved a three day ban from the forum from ludia for spoofing i checked up what it means and deinstalled the app because i was afraid they could ban my jwa account as well.
I get your point saying that spoofing is bad for the game because it kills its initial idea.
But i also think one step ahead. For example: theres a person in a wheelchair or worse a pwrson that cant go outside due to other disabilities or handycaps. Are those people just doomed to not play the game at all because they are disabled? Or lets say you have an accident and break your legs. You have to stay at home for 6 months not allowed to move at all and afterwards in a wheelchair for 2 - 3 years. You just would be forced to stop playing the game.
I do not say that spoofing is legit dont get me wrong there.