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Bug or really bad luck

I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem because it’s been really annoying to me. I’ve fused for the indo g2 trying to get him 7 times and every time I’ve gotten 10 dna only. and each time I have to keep getting more I rex gen 2 dna and blue dna and it sucks a lot and i was just curious if it’s a bug or I’m just getting really bad luck with these fusions.

It’s probably just really bad luck. Have you been fusing for other hybrids while doing this? It usually helps from my experience, and I think I even saw someone mention a long time ago that fusing odds are shared across all hybrids, which would make sense. So in theory, you should be able to get a few bad fuses out of the way on another hybrid, come back to Indoraptor Gen 2, and get something better then a 10. This could work the other way around, though. So it’s up to you!

7 times? thats nothing. happens often enough.

Keep trying. It happens sometimes, you might get lucky.

It’s just bad luck unfortunately. I remember my Dioraj took 23 10 fuses when I was creating him! :joy: like they say try fusing Suchotator or Majundasuchus to try and get the 10s out the way and time it right on your Indo

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Thank you so much guys all your suggestions helped and I got the indo gen 2. again thanks so much

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Congrats! Glad you were able to get your issues figured out! Indo gen 2 is a good one.

It’s not a bug just the way the game is made. It’s supposed to take a long time but I also believe they’re certain creatures that are milestones in game. I think those would be Magna, Gemini, and Ardentis. I remember as soon as I unlocked Magna my completion in the arena got so much harder. Same happened for Ardentis. I am currently 20 fuses in on Gemini and have gotten only 200 DNA. I have pretty much given up on trying to unlock it since it obviously doesn’t want me to. I also fear that when I do my arena experience will decline to a level that I may never go back into the arena. Just my observation people can say it’s luck or whatever but I think it may have something to do with if you ever have paid for anything in game as well.

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