BUG - Pyrritator RTC not working as expected?


In the description for the move Ready To Crush, it says:…for next 3 turns.
But seems like, this works only for the next two turns.

Is this a bug? or this works this way from the beginning?


Do they count the turn you use it on as a turn? If so, then the next 2 turns would be correct.


If they count that, I would expect that would make at least 1X damage with RTC.


But it’s a move, not an attack, so it shouldn’t last the next 2 turns. The next 3


And moreover, the description clearly says: for the next 3 turns


I pulled my off my team so I haven’t noticed. I didn’t use RTC that often so I guess I didn’t notice the count.


Desc should say next two turns. It is definitely confusing.


I thought, Ludia would make the functionality to work for 3 turns. lol


That would be more fun :+1::+1::+1:


It is. It just functions on turn 1 when you activate it and can’t actually make use of it. It’s always been this way. It works like ferocious strike/impact, only you dont attack on turn 1 but it still counts.