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BUG: Quest monster differences

My current quest is for ORCS. The only way to get credit is RUST MONSTERS. The scroll even shows up for rust monsters, but not for orcs, nor do orcs give any credit.

Hey Xx_YESPA_xX, may I get the Quest/Mission name?

@Ned sure, here ya go!


That’s interesting, I’ve been binning Monster quests since the update, because I’ve seen zero scrolls, and even any kills of the named monster type don’t count.

Currently I have “Favoured Enemy: Chimera”, I’ve killed a handful and the quest is still showing 0/70… I’m going to run a few different dungeons and see if I can identify which monster I Actually need to kill :slight_smile:

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It’s been happen with the other quests also. Like orge type

I have a quest to kill ogres. Only orcs will do anything. Not that I’m complaining for this one though.

Yeah, I posted Sunday. I have one for the guardian something or others, the guys in Lightfinger mansion whose heads spin around when you kill them. They work, and ogres do too. Fine with me because I only kill about 0.5 of those guardians per attempt. I posted a topic here about it, and another guy had the psychic rats (and he hadn’t even reached the Lightfinger Mansion yet) though the helmed horrors worked for him.

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Hey Xx_YESPA_xX, thanks for the screenshot! We can confirm that the Favored Enemy quest is not being tallied correctly. Please rest assured that our team is working on fixing this ASAP.

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The same is true of the Favored Enemy: Animated Armor quest. Im not sure what i’m being rewarded for, but Animated Armor are not being counted.

@Ned Hey no problem. Glad it could be fixed, and hopefully in the meantime, people may have found a way to fulfill their quests.

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