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Bug, questions and curiosities (long)

I’ve been playing this game since shortly after it was released. I’ve seen a lot of things come, go and change. I’ve noticed some bugs and wondered about a lot more. Here goes:

1- Timers don’t always refresh properly.
I’ve noticed this in Clan Alpha but see it more often in the Arena. It’s noon in the Eastern US and it’s time to start the clan Alpha. I have 2/3 energy, which is usually the case if we didn’t defeat the Alpha from the day before. By the time I’ve used up the two, the third should appear. Many times I finish the second battle and I’m showing 0/3 and no timer to let me know when the next energy should arrive. Solution: leave the clan area and return and the timer will magically update that “lost” energy.
But when it does in the Arena, it’s really, really annoying. It’s not the energy timer, but the 10 minute reroll timer that does this. 0/3, no countdown clock. Your only option is to buy a reroll, which you shouldn’t have to do because you have energy (and by the way, it will SURELY take your runes when it shouldn’t). The only way to get it to refresh is to quit the game (Android here), launch it again and re-enter the arena.

2- What’s up with the Arena opponents?
These fake opponents are ridiculous. I’ll be surrounded for days with opponents who are 6500-7500, and then I’ll get a bunch of them who are 4000-5000. And you know they are fake when you hit the reroll button and it spins for 5-10 seconds before spitting one out to you.

3- Extortion much?
“You’ve been attacked! Want to buy protection?” Seems like this pops up only if I’ve been attacked by a fake account. Seems a little shady, but funny at the same time.

4- Suggested color.
You’re fighting the clan Alpha. Today it happens to be Shellfire. In the upper right corner it suggests yellow. Of course, because yellow is strong vs purple. It always suggests the color that is strong versus the color of the Alpha. But why, Ludia, do you suggest a color that you’re going to withhold from me? You go and add a second dragon of that color, substituting for the color that would be weak against the Alpha, and the grid starts with (in today’s case) FOUR total yellow tiles. But hey, that dragon you switched out? There’s 10 purple tiles to match it. And you’re gonna keep getting twice as many purple to yellow for the entire duel.

5- Missing quests.
Special quests keep disappearing. For instance, every time I completed a round vs Cloudfire I had to leave the quest screen then return to it to see the next round. No problem with the usual 4 hour quests.

6- Daily Scales quest.
Where did they go? All these eggs don’t mean much if I don’t have scales. I can’t train the dragons I can’t hatch without the scales I can’t obtain.

If someone has time to address these, I’d appreciate it.

  1. The daily scales quests didnt go anywhere.
  2. Ludia said it is random

I agree with the rest

*my post shows 5 4 ,not sure why when it posts it changes to 5, 6

Special events disappearing are fixed for me. And I haven’t had any such problems with regular events.

I’m curious as to the… You know they’re fake because of how long (not) it takes for the game to give you your opponent. For me all opponents load after lots of wait, sometimes I even need to refresh the Arena to get my opponent. So, I don’t know how you got to that conclusion.

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#4 is infuriating. Thank you for asking about that.

Arena big no such nonsense. Score 4500- 5000 I am 7000 and beats me. funny but i don’t laugh …

It was a great game. How did you make it this way… amazing and sad really :frowning: @Marcus


Gotta love all those people that spent loads of cash on this game to face bots in arena, total joke and all these bots are just there so you consistently refresh your opponents spending runes to find opponents you actually have a chance to beat.

Unbelievable that we’re faced with bots with sawmaw and super strong dragons that aren’t fairly acquired we should be only facing other players not these stupid bots, arena is a total disaster.

On top of that, I was glad to finish arena yesterday, thinking the next one would be a few weeks away, and it’s started again today, I honestly can’t say I will be here much longer because I was looking forward to arena and you give us this crap, it’s just spoiled the enjoyment of this game for me, really badly thought through design…


I will be honest. I don’t spend money on a game I don’t enjoy. I’m sure most people think like me. I’il even cancel my flight club membership tomorrow. Enjoy the game over.
I want to go back to 2 major updates. It was much, much more enjoyable

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They’ve removed bots and this is why people are now having a harder time winning in arena as you cant just reroll to find easy bots

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Talisax thats not the only thing the removal of the bots did. Without the bots its kinda going to be impossible for anyone to move up in “Path of Glory”. The reason is that every single time you fight you can gain as much trophies as you can lose. (Imagine the one scene from the movie World War Z where the zombies are all just crawling on top of each other pushing each other down.) So what’ll happen is everytime you attack you’ll steal away trophies from someone, who’ll then go steal some from another person and so on until eventually your trophies are stolen and the entire circle starts again. You’ll be in limbo eternally.


We waited with excitement. They thought for months. Result? absurd. It was a pity.

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Just have to win more than you lose to move up

Talisax thats not what i said. You yourself can move up by winning more than you lose, but overall noone will actually go anywhere. The total amount of trophies will stay the same cuz the bots are gone. And each time arena ends they’ll even cut that amount in half.

If you want an example i’ll give you one:
For the first 13 days of the 1st arena season there were bots and when you looked at the top 200 you could see that they all overall went up by about 200 or so trophies each day.

But the moment the bots where removed that all came to a halt. You’ll see in the coming days that the trophies the top 200 have will stay around the amount of trophies they have at the moment.


Interesting, other games use the elo system and make it work, must be on those games you only lose a percenta6of what others gain.

Thanks for bringing these up. #1 and #4 just bug the bejuzus out of me. #4 is why, unless a special quest demands otherwise, I use 1 dragon of each color. I suspect the answer for it will be the same as with the Arena, “to balance the game.” :roll_eyes: What it comes across as, is another extortion method.

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As mentioned above. They answered this and said it is random

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So the bots aren’t gone afterall…

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Same here! I try to choose opponents that are minimum 200 bP lower than I am and I still have no chance against them. Since yesterrday I’ve lost about 200 trophies already, coz I don’t have a chance when I attack, even if I attack someone with 4-5K (I’m 6.7k) and all those who attack me - win. I can’t even revenge, coz the button doesn’t work (well, it wouldn’t make any sense anyway, since if they win with an “offensive” team, their “defensive” teams would be even stronger. Sometimes if I click revenge, I get myself as an opponent. Hm, what happens should I win or lose there? Do I win or lose? The first seaason was bad, the second is even worse. I’ve already quit my flight club, I guess now the time for quitting the game is coming. Sadly, I used to like the game


Nope the opponent list is full of bots, with crazy strong dragons…

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I agree with you. I’ll gladly delete the game unfortunately. It was a pity that I bought and my labor but they ruined the game. I don’t enjoy it anymore :frowning: