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Bug Report: Mutual Fury's Ferocious Buff not functioning as advertised

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Bug Description: The ferocious buff from Mutual Fury is supposed to last two turns after it is activated, as advertised in the patch notes. This would allow Indominus Gen 2 to pull off a Ferocious Cloaked Rampage entirely of its own accord, which it currently cannot do. Similarly for Indoraptor Gen 2, the ferocious buff only lasts for one attack.

Area is was found in: Battles. Tested in multiple Campaign levels.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use Mutual Fury
Step 2 - Attack/Cloak/ Use Evasive Stance
Step 3 - Watch as the Ferocious Buff wears off after a single attack/move, while the Speed buff provided by Mutual Fury persists, as it should. The two buffs are supposed to appear and disappear together.
Step 4 - Perform the next attack, noting the absence of the ferocious buff.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Always.

What type of device are you using: Nokia 6.1

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

These Screenshots show Indominus Gen 2 and Indoraptor Gen 2 first after using Mutual Fury, and secondly after performing a single attack (1turn).
Note the visual effect for the speed boost is still present in the second shots, while that of the ferocious buff is not. And it is not merely a visual discrepancy, as a further attack will prove that the buff is indeed absent.


I wonder if it’s the same for Enteledon, the rare pig. It has Mutual Fury too, so I’m guessing it’s probably the same.

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Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about it for a moment. Does it spawn in the wild? I’ve heard Kelenken does.

I have no idea yet, I haven’t seen it.

Much obliged, @Qaw!

realized same thing.
tried mutual for indo2 and worked only next turn.

the code seems to make damage buff for the turn mutual is touched and next, what should be useless since mutual itself doesn’t make damage.

or… mutual make ferocious active only while same opponent’s dino is playing. since next turn i finish it, and the player choosen another dino, mutual stops working (if it’s intended to work exclusively against that same dino that was playing when mutual move was selected).

seems to be one of these 2 options. :thinking:

So I did some more friendly battles playing with mutual fury and, Yes, It does not go for two turns. I’m still making use of it as-is (broken) for now.

that’s what the text describes, no?

Thats not how the patch notes on indom gen 2 worked… they talk about stacking fury and cloak for the highest possible damage output in the game. However such a combo isnt possible if furys buff ends before you can get a cloaked hit off.

Granted Ludia does Ludia things but to mention a combo that is impossible to pull off seems odd even for them.


It’s the first option.
The thing is, they’ve already dealt with similar moves before, the example I use being Ready to Crush. In its description, it is specifically stated that the buffs will last for the next 3 turns, eliminating any confusion.
Here we know there’s a problem because Ferocious Cloaked Rampage without the assistance of another dino should be possible, but it isn’t.

To prevent any confusion, I would like to add that the reason the Ankylosaurus Gen 2 has the ferocious buff for Indominus Gen 2 but not Indoraptor Gen 2 is because of the speed difference, Anky being faster than Indom but slower than Indo. Therefore the buff gets carried over against Indom but not Indo.
Only after receiving the speed boost from Mutual Fury,
does Indom outspeed Anky.

if the 2 turns mentioned are:

  1. the same turn we touch mutual fury ability
  2. the next turn.

it’s clearly a bug, because there’s no sense of having attack buff for a turn that has no attack (mutual move). and with 3 disadvantages when compared to cloak:

  1. it’s not a priority move
  2. doesn’t have any evasive effect
  3. guarantee you get hit by a buffed attack from opponent

it’s different than release notes text, and it’s a bug, need to be fixed.

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here it is:

it’s a half-cloak + speedup. with disadvantage of giving opponent the chance of a guaranteed buffed hit.

that’s not what is in release notes.

for indominus we have a hint:

for mutual ability itself we have the info “1 turn for opponent and 2 turns for self”. the turn that we activate mutual must not count, because it doesn’t make damage.

After using Indo G2 in the tournament, I’m pretty sure that it’s fixed now😊. As always, nice to see these things are being taken care of.

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yep. i don’t know if this was announced, but it’s now fixed, indo2 ferocious 2 turns here.

and useful against some creatures… :japanese_goblin:

for indominus i believe it’s a bad idea, because 10% speedup is not enough for a so slow dino. you have to survive first ferocious opponent hit, survive second hit with cloak and survive a third hit before you do that monster rampage.

nobody survives 3 hits nowadays, at least at lockwood mansion and above.

even for 2 turns it’s a waste of move (indominus2).

But it is a guaranteed win against most creatures from 109 to 118 speed (unboosted), Sarcorixis for example. I think Brontolasmus and Purutaurus too, but the move order might be slightly different.
The speedup might not be much, but there’s quite a few decent creatures within those limits.

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