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Bug report: no attacks in battle


I encountered the following problem. In a battle, my attacks bar disappeared after leading an opponent who I would have beaten. So I lost, because the auto attack after the timer runs out only uses the basic attack. I took screenshots to prove it.


Hey Felix_Hoefert, thanks for reporting this. I’ve heard mentions of this issue around the forums before, so email our support team at with all the information you have, and any screenshots of this so they can investigate further.

If your abilities disappear again in battle, try pressing the “swap” button then cancelling it, your abilities should reappear.


I had this issue and got some video of it but the video is buried within gigs of unsorted battle footage I’m sitting on currently. It’s a weird bug and the longer that it went on MORE of my attacks would disappear and my dino would never attack resulting in a loss for me.