Bug Report S.S. Arcadia Incubator Rewards

This is a bug which occured in my friend’s account.

Bug Description: This occurred with my friend , he is in the 3rd Arena S.S. Arcadia and according the Incubator Cycle , on Victory #25, #75 he should receive a rare incubator,and on #100 he should receive an Epic Incubator. But on his 75th victory,he recieved a standard incubator instead of a rare Incubator

Area is was found in:PVP Arena Match (During Rewards)

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Win a Arena Match
Step 2 - Receive a Incubator(The Wrong One in this case)

How often does it happen:Experienced only Once

What type of device are you using:Android

Anything else?

This is his profile and he screenshots he sent me.

Sometimes the incubator cycle is different for different arenas. For example, you can’t get the 24h epic incubator until you are in the top three arenas.

I got my first epic Incubator way back in Arena 3,I got another one in the 4th arena and today I got another in he 6th