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(Bug Report) Stegosourus cleanse and pinning strike


Idk where to post this and I made an account for just this reason because I’m tired of losing after not being able to switch dinos. The bug occurs when the enemy uses pinning strike or some move that disallows swapping out, then a dino like the Stegosourus uses a cleaning move that is supposed to remove all negative affects. The pinning gets “removed” however when you go to switch out the button is still all read and says one turn left. This has happened every time without fail and can seriously impact the outcome of a fight, it’s just unfair. Like I said in sorry I don’t know where to post this but if someone could move it or this post can gain traction it would be amazing to have this looked at and fixed.

Thank you!

Really? More bugs

If someone uses lock down on you and you use superiority strike to get rid of it the game glitches and your locked down until you die. Just happened to me and I lost because of it :fire:


Hey Baconatorsam, thanks for reporting this. Our team is aware that there might be an issue with certain abilities and they’re investigating it. If you have any more information, reach out to our support team at with your support key to assist them.