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[Bug Report] Unable to play game as bottom options are unresponsive


There game closed after successfully completing a mission and I was unable to accept the rewards. The game now does not allow me to get anything besides “play” on the main screen.


You can try restarting the app, or checking your internet, but if you already tried every way you can, you should probably contact the support team and include a support key explaining the issue.
They’ll help all that they can.


i have the same problem


I also have same problem after 15 To 16 level(I turned off game while tutorialing)

Maybe Support teams are so busy
They don’t do anything… About my request that is fixing my id’s bug…


Anybody figured out how to fix this? Can’t do anything cause of it.


I had this problem and I got it to work by forcing it to reconnect. The issue was the breedery was trying to give me a tutorial but there was a bug to where the text wasnt showing and so all the buttons were disabled but I couldn’t do the tutorial so it seemed like the buttons weren’t responsive. The way I got it to reconnect was i went out of the app for a few moments without closing it and when u go back in it does a little reconnect. Idk if this truly fixes it or not so let me know if this helps u. Btw if u dont know it has to show a box saying its reconnecting so if u dont see that then it didnt try to reconnect


Reconnected but still doesnt work.


same problem here need fix …


I fixed this bug by contacting support team
She fixed my id by eliminating breedery(because my bug was because of tutorial of breedery)
Her name was Sara(maybe)
And she knows well


Email for this or?


You can send by email or message in game
You need to send support key number and problem what you have. And write veryveryvery detailed
And you also notice them you restarted or reinstalled and etc.
If you don’t write that, they will urge that and you would need to wait again


i sent to support yesterday to
no answer for now.

no way to do event :frowning:
(anyway i can only beat 3-4 stage, really useless, can get maybe 100 point at the end Oo)

i ll try to sent from facebook and see if i can get some fix faster >.<

going to put 1 star on googleplay till resolve ::frowning:


for unknow reason my post doesnt not apear on the forum Oo.

i have already sent 2 mail to support.

still waiting … it look like here is no event for me …


sent also a in game message …



How do u send them a message ingqme when u cant click anywhere on the screen :joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


i can click on the mail button, the top config button and bottom button are blocked (cant fight)


Hi yeah so my game has been saying reconnecting a lot and when it does that it kicks me from the game, and today I played and I was at the ten spot of the Light Fury event and so close to unlocking it and what happened was it glitches and said reconnecting again and then kicked me from the game and reset my progress on the light fury trust hearts and I was about 4 hearts away from completing the event but it reset my progress and I’m very upset about that, can u please help me?


they fixed it, i can finally join game now, but even end in 3 days …


I’m sorry to hear that happened @Frost_Scale, and our team would be happy to take a closer look at your account and see what might have been the issue. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? Thanks!


I am having this issue today. I leveled to 16, unlocked the breedery. Did the tutorial and have a new dragon. Started breeding two dragons, closed the game and left for a few hours. Upon reopening it, the breedery wasn’t built. I closed the game out a few times. Then it let me build it, and gave me the dragon that was the result from the breeding. Was going to breed again but clicking on the breedery, it’s not loading anything. Now all bottom buttons are unresponsive. I’ve not been able to play today since :frowning: