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Bug report with arena

So during arena you can be challenged And “defend” and you can win or lose which is ok. My issue is when you “lose” these battles and you cannot challenge/revenge the person back who attacked you. (The revenge button is greyed out) and no I went thru my entire list, I have never seen or attacked them before. Wished I could post video of such. But alas no way to post video of it here so screen grabs will have to do.

My question why can they attack and I am not able to get a revenge on them? Both MMM and blieb do so in those with not a way to attack them back and they both survived to kill my team. blieb even did 2 attacks to me. He lost the first time (showed as a win) but the screen grab I provided show his WIN against me, and yet my revenge button is grey again meaning I can’t attack back.

Why no revenge available??? This is not the first time a “no revenge is avail either”. I run into it almost several times daily. So why are some defense (save) losses in arena immune to attack backs? Again only when you LOSE a defense attack. The wins I know you can’t attack back and that’s fine. Just want to know why some LOSSES you can’t revenge on.

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I have also had this problem.

You cannot revenge players that you have already attacked. So if you attack them first and they revenge, you can’t revenge again. This is just to prevent you from constantly fighting each other i think. (But it also means that if you have ever attacked them in the past week of arena you won’t be able to take revenge either.)

Also they can buy 8 hour immunity to make sure you can’t attack them at all.

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Thank you for the reply. I knew about the purchasing of immunity. But I did not know if you’ve attack them in the past week? They can’t be revenged. That’s good news to know. Thank you. Wish then our attack/defend list was longer then just a couple of hours so we can confirm if we have attacked them previously. Appreciate it!

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