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Bug report!

The new way to show haw much a dino will take of your life each attack was changed, i saw some issues here, like when a dino was suffering of distraction, and he has purification, the damage shows considering the distraction, but he has purification, so this number that is shown is fake.
I think that the damage on the top of the information table should be always shown as full, and when the dino is distracted, the decrease should be shown just besides the description of the move…

Another problem that i found was in the images below:

As we see in the images, after two rounds, the damage of thor was shown as ZERO, but he makes a move and take the regular damage… The damage i considered true, because he already passed thru a round were the distraction worked, but the information there was wrong…

Another thing that happend to me was a fight in this weekend tournament with dimetrodon against Wuerhossaur… The dimetrodon is immune to decelaration, but my speed was decreased in this fight, making me lose the battle.

Another thing is the shields, sometimes it disappears, and it still working, and sometimes the animation of shild breaking doesn’t apears too ( this doesn’t affect the battle, but is still a problem).

This happens to anybody else??

Yeah, it usually says the damage output after it attacks, so it looks like 0, but it ain’t, that is what I call. Uh oh, I guess that’s that.