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Bug reports

Hi, Ludia

During the rally(stage 60+), AFK for a long time and became inactive, and later reconnected and pressed the ‘leave’ button to open chest ON THE MAIN SCREEN, then the play record was cleared. However, if I re-enter the dungeon and leave, I will be rewarded normally.
This is the same in the challenge mode.

When AC is high, AC is sometimes 0.

Fighter’s silverhand axe.
It does low damage, unlike what is written in the tooltip.

Hi Dungeoneer, thank you for reporting these! If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team here at so they can take a closer look. Please remember to include your support key as it helps them locate your account faster.

Are you sure about the axe? When I play against it, I want to cry, as it typically ruins my party in two to three hits tops.