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Bug? Secret rooms only ever give gear for Shevarith

Issue is in the subject line. Every single time I find a secret room, it gives only gear for Shevarith (sp?, the female human wizard in any case). These are not rooms explicitly labeled as character-specific rooms for her (I’m still getting those semi-regularly, for a variety of characters), I’m talking about the ones that say “Secret Room Found” without specifying a character. It’s been a long time, and at least four or five such rooms, since I found any gear for any other character in them.

Have you noticed if the last kill was made by Sheva?
Based on my experience (roughly) 75% of the time, the items in the chests of the secret rooms are assigned to the toon which made the last kill (but it’s just an impression).

Hello jwheikkinen. The rewards from the secret rooms are given to a random hero that’s part of your current party. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at Thank you!

But you’re missing my point. If that were true it would be very unlikely to hit the same character five times in a row.


I don’t recall, but it’s likely. She’s my best damage-dealer (I finally got the dwarf rogue but my copy of her is pretty low-level). She frequently hits more than one enemy at a time, since both her cooldown abilities and sometimes randomly her basic attack can do this. And she’s got decent range, though only the second-best in my usual party. So she certainly gets more than her fair share of kills. I’ll try to pay attention to this more in the future.

Of course, now that I write that I’ve got a three-room Halbanet streak going instead of Shevarith having all the fun. (BTW, in none of those cases did Hal strike the final blow, and in one of them Shev did.)