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Bug sometimes ask for dowloading data update

I want to ask. why does my application sometimes ask for data updates? Is this a bug or an error on my mobile phone system? even though other game applications are not like that … (Android OS Pie)

It happens periodically. Possibly new content has been rolled out. Maybe you cleared your cache


Some installed games do not experience such problems. Only JWTG games experience cache data deletion. maybe the system considers garbage to be removed. Please fix this bug Ludia.

Have you checked if you maybe run out of memory on your phone?

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How often does this occur? The only time it runs on my Android phone is when a new update has been released.

Hey Kazehaya_Noguri, as other players had mentioned, this can happen if you had recently cleared the cache on your device, as the game will have to re-download some data.

Every 2 days or 3 days

Sounds like it might be an issue on your side with your phone/OS. I can’t say I have heard of anyone having this issue on a regular basis here on the forums.

I had this a lot when my phone was about out of memory - cleared some memory and it stopped happening. That was six months or so ago, so it may be something else causing it now…

Agree it’s probably a memory issue. Also one of the nice, but also sometimes problematic things about Android is how much more access to things like memory it will allow different apps to have, than a more closed system like iOS. It’s not uncommon to have a “memory cleaner” type of program on there which will be trying to be helpful in keeping things cleaned up in the background, but causing this kind of issue to occur. And then the wrong app gets the blame for it.

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I have checked the memory device and it is fine. I also turned off the automatic data cleaning function. But it’s still like that until now. I think there is a bug about cache that doesn’t fit my mobile device. Because other games are installed there are no problems deleting the data again. Only this game (JWTG) has an error like that.