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Bug- sometimes watch ad for incubator takes hard cash

There is yet another bug that I’m sure has happened to many people. Sometimes when you push watch ad to bypass the last 15 minutes of an incubator it just takes the hard cash. I bet that I’ve probably lost over 1,000 hard cash over the last year from yet another stupid bug. Ludia please fix this game

I’m sorry to hear that, @DaTank45, and that definitely shouldn’t happen. If you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, our team would be happy to take a look to try and make this right for you. In the meantime, I would recommend waiting a couple of seconds after the initial free speed-up message pops up before tapping on it.

This happens when there is a video playback error too. The video fails to load and you end up back at the arena screen and it still says you can watch the ad to speed it up. But what really happens is that it skips the video and just takes 3 cash and opens the incubator. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen this happen, but have seen it happen multiple times.

Ned as I do appreciate you wanting to help what I really want is Ludia to fix the game. There is this bug, the pink screen in battles, the terrible matchmaking, etc… please fix the game first then make your money

Fix the matchmaking and remove boosts while you are at it. Just tell everyone that boosts were a “gross miscalculation” and move forward with the game. Everyone will thank you. I promise

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