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Bug Special Event (250 gems)

This is the second time it happens.
The first time, one or two special events ago, the last card, legendary, disappeared at the end and I couldn’t loot it. At that time I thought it was me that I was distracted but today - HC Deep Special Event- I had the confirmation: it is a bug.

If you enter the following room by clicking the “free” button, without having looted the previous room loot, you automatically lose the second loot because it disappears! In this case it was the only reason why I run such kind of events: the purple chest.

Hey there, Fizbanius. Could you please email our support team at with your support key if you haven’t already? Our team would like to grab your account info so they can assist you further.

Thank you!

Thanks @Ned, got already a reply from Dustin from Customer Support, super quick and super efficient.

This time 5 stars for Ludia!


Unfortunately the chest wasn’t at the level it was supposed to be.
The funny thing is the CS wrote “we devilvered a chest based on your renown level”.

My renown level = 30…

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This is a lvl 30 purple chest

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Yeah, that was a very skimpy looking Purple chest that they awarded you with.

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The few times I’ve reached out to support, support just closes the conversation without actually doing anything or addressing the issue.

At least they acknowledged you!

Hey Fizbanius, if our team had sent you the incorrect rewards, could you please follow up with our team again so they can take a closer look?


Thank you @Ned you are very professional, unfortunately the customer support team is not. They sent me another low level chest (the 2 chests togheter had like 1/10 of the rewards I was supposed to received) and when I complained again they told me that was the last “compensation” and that I wouldn’t have anymore and they stopped to reply too.This was so rude and unprofessional but it’s anything new (I still remember the dozens of email I had to send to demostrate that 9 Brook of Shields in a row could be a coincidence).

Thanks again @Ned, unfortunately this “customer support” is really akward, I give up.