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Bug - stealth not working properly

Tommus and naomlen in first row - rogue was in stealth but bard targeted her with immobile attack.

It happened to me again. Rogue in front row in stealth, barbarian next to her (not in stealth obviously). Rogue was targeted and hit with individual attack.
Has happened 3 times in total.

Hey lemonfarmer, if you haven’t already could you email our team at with your support key and more details of the battle you were in? It’d really help our team out to replicate the issue. Thanks!

Sorry, no. I’ve flagged it here. Support are not very supportive in my experience.

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Was it a battle against bots?

Don’t think so. I can remember now for sure but I always avoid bots if I can.
It was the naomlen every time. That’s all I remember.
After first time I doubted myself but after three I’m sure. It’s pretty rare though. Maybe a very specific att v naomlen combo.

Were you able to confirm the stealth effect was still on or could it have been the graphic not updating after your opponent restored your characters?

I have experienced this a few times. Rogue in front row with stealth on. Tommus, or Raika next to her with taunt active. Enemy ignores Taunt and stealth, and attacks Rogue. I believe that it has always been against Bot teams in my case.

No stealth should have still been working.

Ah… at last somebody else. :grinning:.
It’s possible it was a bot, I don’t specifically remember. But as a rule I never knowingly choose to fight bots.

So this could be a possibility if your opponent has Corilis with her SH at level 15 it removes buffs from the whole row when stealth is removed they still graphically look stealthed

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In my case, I remember paying attention after it happened once. On my opponents next turn after my stealth rogue was attacked, Taunt was still working correctly on the toon next to my rogue, and only that toon was able to be targeted. And I wasn’t facing a Coriolis with Silverhand weapon in that battle. Also, it was a regular attack that targeted my stealth rogue, not an area attack that targets an entire zone.

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The one I have been running into a lot recently is bots with Pikel and his level 16 legendary wondrous item slot that restores all allies and opponents at the start of turn. I’ve definitely seen the stealth look remain after the buff has been stripped.


I get it seeing how you were not facing a Corilis it’s a moot point but to clarify when Cori strips the buff the next attack (normal) will look like it’s targeting a stealthy character when in fact it was stripped


Just happened again in game v Hyperion.
Rouge stealthed next to barbarian. Was targeted.

How is it possible for this to happen to no one else besides you, and 1 other anecdotal reference? With all due respect it leads me to believe a mechanic is happening as TheChuck mentioned that you’re not realizing. My entire guild and I PvP endlessly, along with an entire discord-server worth of people - and no one else has mentioned such a thing. There are visual glitches that do happen sometimes with restores (not just Pikel), where the stealth still appears to be active but it’s not.

It seems to happen so frequently to you, how about recording it so that we can see? If it’s a true bug that needs highest priority, but i’ve heard of no one else having an issue.

Nice. Positive and constructive.
I don’t know why it’s happening. That’s why I’m posting. Maybe you are correct and it is the debuff thing. But I didn’t know about it and am trying to find out.
So please don’t be so rude and dismissive. It makes you look angry and unpleasant.

It doesn’t matter if it’s stealth failing or the graphic not updating, it’s still a bug, and the game isn’t doing what it is telling the player it is going to do.
No idea if it matters, but since you are only seeing it with the rogue, what item is your source of stealth when it fails (since she has a variety)? Maybe it’s one particular item that isn’t properly giving stealth.

Good question! Stealth is from epic boots.
I haven’t noticed a clear pattern yet as it’s only happened a couple of times.

Apologies, I forgot that your posts were always glowing sources of positivity and inspiration - rather than a jaded denigration towards a company that is providing you content that you apparently still enjoy.

Ned asked you a week ago if you could send your support key and some details on it - so that they could try to replicate what was happening and hopefully resolve it if indeed there was a problem. Your response:

That’s what rubbed me the wrong way if you’d like to know the truth… How is this constructive? It’s happening to you - even if it’s just visual, and they’re trying to help you, and you said no. As a fellow gamer I even asked you to post a video so we could see it. I guess no?

Real, visual, whatever, yes it should be fixed, but when the developer asks you for details, why would you refuse?

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