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Bug suggestion for ver.1.2.22 - unable to choose the next move in the battle


Consistently, go to battle with low battery percentage (close to 20%), start the battle, once the batter hits 20% “Low Batter” pop up shows up, tap “Low power mode” to continue the battle, observe that no attack choice shows up on the screen and unable to pick the next move of my own dino.

iPhone 6s iOS 11.2


yeah this happens all the time. same when i plug my phone in or get any type of notification. best thing to do until they fix it is to quickly restart game and hope you jin battle in time to save yourself lol


I keep my phone on the charger so that when I want to leave it’s at 100%, and this has happened to me quite a lot. I’m in a a battle, I have the attacks available the first time, but then after that first attack, they disappear. Obviously this is a huge problem, since the AI will choose the wrong attack and you will die. If you try to restart, it’s rare to get back in in time to save yourself, at least I’ve never pulled it off. This is a major bug that needs to be fixed. I can’t see any pattern yet as to why this happens on my phone.