[Bug] Swap and Stun doesn't work with swapped dinos

As the title says, Swap and Stun abilities (such as the one from triceratops gen 2, tenontosaurus or iguanodon) do not work with swapped-in dinos when they are swapped at the same time. This has been tested in friendly battles, swapping Dracorex gen 2 and triceratops gen 2 at the same time for several times, and did not work a single one. This could be that the stunning effect just didn’t happen but my friend reported the same results so it’s statistically very unlikely.

This is important because this method would be currently the only theoretical way to counter or avoid the dreaded swap and defense shattering rampage ability from the Dracorex gen 2.

Hey @Jmb0507, thanks for bringing this to our attention! You’re absolutely right when you say how important it is to be able to properly plan for these new Swap-In Abilities. I have forwarded this to our development team, and they will be looking into it ASAP.


I had the same issue this morning with Dracoceratops!

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